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Home Artists Contest Winners – Jeff Thrower and Kevin Clark

I would like to announce the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Passion for Pinups contest that was held over on Fine Art America.

The first place winner was Gary Heller and you can read his interview here. 2d Place winner was Jeff Thrower and 3rd place went to Kevin Clark. (See below)


2nd Place Winner – Jeff Thrower

Jeff Thrower was the second place winner, featuring this awesome hot rod pinup called “White Wall Pinup Girl.” (see above)

Jeff is an award winning commercial Photographer and Graphic Designer from NC. He currently works as a Professional Photographer for Shutterstock and has a ton of awesome images available here.

“I have a very strong passion for Photography and Design. My work is very detail oriented when it comes to capturing a beautiful and unique piece of art. I am very open minded and think outside the box. I believe that by having these traits, it helps my work to stand out, attract attention and make it memorable to others.”

To buy this print on Jeff’s Fine Art America Page: Click Here
Check out his website at:


3rd Place Winner – Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark took 3rd place in the contest for his piece (above) called “Woah Nellie”

Kevin is a traditional artist, specializing in female pin-up, fantasy, erotic paintings. I’ll have to confess that when I first saw this piece, it was so realistic I thought it was some sort of digital photo manip. Then when I viewed the hi res preview on FIne Art America, I was blown away with the amount of detail. (Click the preview below. Amazing!)


Kevin is a full time painter who focuses on bringing out the true essence of his models.

“I look to find not just an interesting image, but something that tells the viewer a bit about the model – perhaps a glimpse into her soul if we’re lucky.”

His work covers a wide range of themes, including portrait, fantasy, comic book, sports, holidays and music, and his website is a cornucopia of highly detailed, hand painted beauties.

“I work in traditional mediums – watercolor/gouache, pencils, and oil pastels, on watercolor paper (hotpress, in this case, allowing less underlying texture). No real story to go with this winning image, aside from giving a solid wink and a nod to the great artists that started this genre. This is one piece where all the elements just fell perfectly into place, something I strive to do again some day.”

To buy this print on Kevin’s Fine Art America Page: Click Here
Check out his website at:
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