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I have a lot of favorite artists these days, but only a handful that I can say completely blow my mind. When I stumbled upon the work of Japanese illustrator ONEQ, my jaw dropped and all I could say was… woah…


ONEQ’s art is exploding in popularity right now. Her sultry, voluptuous maidens are a mix of vintage illustration, traditional Japanese manga and Western comic book art. Her unique style is timeless and will make your eyes swirl around as you try to discern all the detail, form & texture.

I’m absolutely twitterpated to have her as the first featured artist on the new website and she was kind enough to answer a few interview questions:

How do you pronounce your name? Is it like… 1Q or more like… ounique?

This question is asked a lot. It’s onekyu-!

What made you start creating digital art? What made you decide on this style?

I was drawing the picture by analog work a long time ago. It is about 10 year ago. I bought PC from it. I am drawing half in analog and half digital now. My weakest point is the coloring. I needed so much time for coloring, therefore, I thought that I would like to shift to digital coloring. I was coloring everything with Copic markers a long time ago, but even now, I need a lot of time for coloring.

How did you stumble upon your unique style?

I have many favorite things. Probably they are mixed. Maybe, like a chocolate parfait for a woman.

Can you explain your working process/methodology?

I start with a pencil and sketchbook and then use Photoshop type programs to add color.
I like orange and red tones the most.

Mac or PC? Other Hardware?

PC Windows

Current software of choice?


Who has been your biggest creative influence?

It is comic artist Rumiko Takahashi that first influenced me. The next was Heavy Metal Magazine’s artist Simon Bisley and Japanese artist’s Rockin’Jelly Bean and old pinup artist’s Enoch Bolles. Too many to count, really. I love so many of them.

Your favorite artists at the moment?

Although there are many, Mexico’s Javier Medellin Puyou is a favorite. His work is wonderfully lovely & cute.


How do you overcome those times when the creative spirit is not there?

I draw almost every day. however, when unwilling time, I go to the sea for a drive with music.

What food, music, beverage, chemical, etc do you need for you to get into the creative flow?

Many cigarettes, a cat, a cafe au lait, music, radio, a philosophical lecture.

Do you design in your sleep?

I go to sleep for a long time like a cat. I remembers nothing, after waking up!

Do you see your pieces before you begin or do you just start?

Yes, completion can always be seen. however, it may differ in many after-completion images.
But, I think It is interesting.

What does the future hold for you? What are you working on next?

If I can…. I would like to make my own products so that those who are not not as much interested in my pictures, may be reached in another way. A lamp shade, a shower curtain, etc… I would like to make some products.


What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out as an artist?

Even if it takes ten years to do it, it will become increasingly pleasant. Enjoy yourself.

Is there any promotional/marketing advice you would like to offer to other artists?

On the contrary, I would like to hear that advice!

Any Special projects you want to mention?

I will participate in a show in San Francisco in January, next year. I will keep everyone updated on my blog for more details.

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