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Any artist who can pull of a decent Vampirella is ok in my book, any time. His version, seen below is what first caught my attention, then as I checked out his portfolio, it was like, “Oh my GOD! Who is this dude!”

Oliver Wetter (aka Fantasio) has got mad skills. He’s in practically every photoshop tut/book/magazine in existence. His sci-fi, fantasy Photoshop kung fu style is all over the place. A true ninja.

What made you start creating digital art? Why do you do pinup?

I always experimented with various media but stumbled about the possibility to create CG-art with my first capable computer years ago, an Amiga 500. Back then I just painted with a mouse and it has limited options and interlaced graphics which burnt eyes – but it had an impact on me. I later studied airbrush design and wanted to achieve the looks of artists like Hajime Sorayama but was never really satisfied with the airbrush as a tool alone, later, around 2003 and a bit more into CG-design I found that the computer would allow me to combine and achieve different techniques to create art the way I wanted it to be.

Do you do this professionally or just as a hobby?

I work fulltime as an Illustrator, professional book cover artist, at least that is what makes me somewhat financially independent and besides that I chase some personal ideals and goals, the “Fantasio-girls” are one of them.

Spellbound 3_small

How did you stumble upon your unique style?

I wouldn´t say I stumbled about my style, it was and still is a quest, a journey of experimentation and failure. One habit I foster is to stay inspired but not influenced. Inspiration is ephemeral and I believe it has just a temporary effect while influence can be toxic, being inspired by many things is also necessary to create fresh, original works, that´s all I try to cultivate.

Can you explain your work process, methodology?

My process varies a lot, sometimes it is a photograph of a model, a muse that inspires me, another time it is a concept evolved from various sketches and drawings that led to a final, worthy idea or artwork.

Mac or PC? Other Hardware?

I work with both, however if I have the choice for a “workstation”, I prefer the PC over the Mac. Mac´s are good for mobility, the hardware is solid, but that´s it. When it comes to drawing I work with Intuos tablets and a Cintiq pen display.

Current software of choice?

My current favorite software is Photoshop CS6 I really love to have photo-editing tools next to capable drawing tools. I tried a variety of other programs as well, but I always come back to PS.

vampirella-FG -final

Who has been your biggest creative influence?

I think my biggest influence is still Dave McKean, his combined use of traditional and digital media showed me early on what is possible to achieve.

Your Fav artists at the moment?

Currently my favorite artist is Andre DeFreitas.

How do you overcome those times when the creative spirit has left the building?

This rarely happens because I´m used to surround myself with inspiration and/or motivating people, I stay away from mainstream media or television as much as possible. So I actually have no real suggestion what to do when inspiration is gone, but I know a lot about how to stay inspired.


What food, music, beverage, chemical, etc do you need for you to get into the flow?

Coffee in the morning helps to get the creative juices flowing. I have a mixed taste in music and listen to my personal radiostation on spotify to get motivated at times, but there are also times where I need no coffee or music at all, I believe these are the times when the “real flow” happens and everything around you is unimportant – happens often enough gladly.

Do you draw, paint traditional or just digital?

When time allows I also do traditional sculptures and pencil drawings, everything else is done digitally nowadays.

Beauty and the snake Kopie

Do you design in your sleep?

Very unlikely, but I often wake up with a solution for a design problem, so maybe sleep is helpful for the unconscious thinking part.

Do you see your pieces before you begin or do you just start?

When starting with a piece inspired by a photograph I have a concrete idea, but most of the time it ends up differently than what I first imagined and it ends most often in a very good piece when that happens.


What does the future hold for you? What are you working on next?

It´s hard to foresee what will happen but I collaborate, network and push my work further every day, so there are some goals I have reached so far and there are still many I want to reach. Working for a motion picture as also exhibiting together with some very known artists in the field is amongst these goals. Besides these rather selfish goals there are tutorials I work on for upcoming publications, some side-projects wait for new additions, very much in the making right now but too early to speak out loud.

What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out as an artist?

I always love to cite the words of Randy Pausch:” You´ve got to get the fundamentals down otherwise the fancy stuff isn´t going to work”. Other than that the personal experience told me the following: “look closely, listen actively and learn to follow your own inner voice without doubt”.


Is there any promotional/marketing advice you would like to offer to other artists?

There´s a lot indeed, in fact so many that I have to refer to my blog “Fantabulous Visions*” if you don´t mind: in which I write regularly about marketing, promotion and psychology and anything related to get the word out, here a concrete listing of articles:

His website at:

Social Media:

Most recent published work?

Workshop for Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Special projects you want to mention?

The skull:z & Idols series is a very ambitous sideproject in which the subjects are skulls that resemble the mortality of celebrities, idols and fictional characters.

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