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I am super excited to announce our latest contest and this one is frightfully cool! I call it the “Get Pinned for Halloween” Contest!

So, here’s the deal…

Starting today, you can enter for a chance to have your personal photo drawn in Halloween style pinup form by professional illustrator & pinup artist, Michael van den Bosch!

How does it work?

  • For the next 2 weeks you can submit an image, either of yourself, your wife or girlfriend, etc (limit 1 entry with 1 image per person) via email for a chance to win. You can check out some before and after examples above and below.
  • In 2 weeks, Wednesday Oct. 16, Michael will select one lucky winner and in honor of October and Halloween, will draw your image in a halloween style pinup form.
  • The final art will then be presented here on the DPM blog on Thursday, October 31st. Halloween baby!

To enter:

  • Send one image to both of these emails: &
  • In the subject line add: “Halloween Contest Entry”

Enter today to Get Pinned for Halloween!


About Michael:

Hi, my name is Michael van den Bosch. I’m 38 years young and live in the Netherlands.

According to my mother, I was born with a pencil. In other words: when I was able to hold one, I did. So, me starting to draw goes way back. And my mother even kept some of those drawings. I’m sorry to say, it was me who didn’t want to share those five-year-old drawings, but please believe me when I say, I’ve made some progress since then… So, I have been interested in art all of my life.

In my art school period (The Graphic Lyceum), I was learning to be a commercial illustrator. During that time I was stationed for my traineeship at Hallmark Cards. That’s where the magic happened for me and I became a high school “drop out.” Working at Hallmark I saw all the artists coming in to the company with their traditionally painted artwork, and trying to sell it, to get displayed in stores all over the country. I realized this was what I wanted to do. In this traineeship (1995), I decided to “drop out,” get myself registered, and become self-employed – working as a freelance illustrator. …Which I have been doing ever since.

Then there comes the time you have to create work for you’re clients: the people you sell your work to. I’ve always thought this is very hard, because you have to sell your own work by saying, “I’m the best,” “these drawings are the best.” This is not me. Because, first off all I know this is not the best and second, I’ve always been told to be modest. But being too modest doesn’t sell as well, so, I had to find a way to be somewhere in the middle. …Or I could hire somebody to go out and do it for me, which also means it would cost me money.

Throughout the years I’ve been working for record companies, creating CD covers, and covers for vinyl (12-inch) records. For many years I have been drawing caricatures of famous Dutch soccer players for a magazine. I’ve also worked as a cartoon/comic-artist for a hospital’s newspaper. Creating greeting cards is still my everyday work, and I’ve been doing this for over 17 years now for a couple of companies. I guess this is also the reason why I am always aiming for my artwork to have a message.

Now I started which is a commission Pin-Up Artwork for anyone interested. Wouldn’t it be great to give your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife a unique gift? Let make this possible for you. We specialize in creating ‘Pin-Up’-artwork. You deliver a photo/image and we’ll turn it into a ‘Pin-Up’ bombshell!

Send us your photo thru a message on my Facebook fanpage or email me your photo at;