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Jimmy Moberg, aka J-Pin, is a pin-up artist and illustrator with a cool, simplistic, retro style. He also draws cool monsters and skulls, so be sure to check out his other works.


How long have you been doing pinup and how did you get started?

I have been drawing all my life but it all started when I found it difficult to paint a woman’s body and I decided to take the challenge to learn it. After some time, I found that it was very enjoyable and relaxing as it is an art form I think is worthwhile doing. I have painted pinup art now around 5 years, but it took me just over 3 years, with a lot of practicing before I decided to show anything for the public.

How did you stumble upon your unique style?

I have always been interested in cartoon but it was the internet that gave me my first inspiration into pinup art.

What is your typical process/workflow?

I usually begin with a lot of inspiration pictures I have collected. It can be anything from model pics to pictures on environments, clothing and other pinup art in which the artist has captured a sense of style or feeling that I get inspiration from. Then I paint down a sketch usually on the computer or by hand on paper. From my sketch I go ahead and clean the lines and add color before my image is complete.Common hard work for an pinup artist;)

Who has been your biggest creative influence?

A difficult question but I would say that my biggest influence comes from Shane Glines “Cartoon retro”.


Who is your fav artists at the moment?

My fav artists at the moment are Matt Dixon, Serge Birault and Shane Glines, Derek Yaniger, Rockin’ Jellybean, Joelson de souza, Bill Presing.

How do you overcome those times when the creative spirit has left the building?

I usually take a break for a few days of not painting any pinup. But usually I get inspired when I see a good pinup photography or painted image so I usually get inspired very quickly.

What do you do when you are not painting hot pin-up babes? What is a day in the life of Jimmy Moberg like?

Since I also paint album art and horror posters, it is something that I also spend time on. I don’t yet live from my art but that is my goal. So I have temporary jobs just to get by financially.

Most inspirational food, drink, other? What has to be on the desk at all times for you to get into the flow?

I’ll be honest. I do not like to eat anything while I work. It interferes with my creativity and smears usually down my workplace which is a sacred place for me.


What does the future hold for you? What are you working on next?

For now, I seek some day work around in Europe. I have sent in contest entries for the prestigious Illustrative in Germany. I have painted new album art for a band that I’ve worked with before that will come out this winter and I hope to have a good creative year and hopefully get some more clients to paint for.

biker_babe_by_J-pin 2014

Is there any promotional/marketing advice you would like to offer to other artists?

It’s a hard industry and for those who have read my previous answers know that I do not yet survive on my art. Perhaps I’m not the right person to give out advice but my advice would be to trying to appear on all social media you can think of.

J-pin sketch 17

What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out as an artist/pinup artist?

My tip for all of you who starting out as an artist/pinup artist is not to give up. Try, fail, try again but do not give up.


Social profiles:

Most recent published work:

Goddess and Thor Seduction on my society6 page.

Any special projects you want to mention?:

Header for Batty Housewife, My free wallpapers to download as like Pirate maidens of Matacumbe Bay a commission for the gorgeous model Mel Heflin and any of my art process films on my youtube channel.

Sean Earley is a pin-up artist, digital consultant, publisher and Editor in Chief of Digital Pinup Magazine. In his spare time when he is not doodling 3D girlies, he writes books, plays heavy metal and drinks lots of coffee. You can check out his work at:
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