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Home Photographers The Pin-Up Photography of Daniela Petrucci

Daniela Petrucci is a pinup photographer from São Paulo, Brazil. Her work is fresh, fun, full of emotion and inspired by the classic styles of the old masters.


“I believe my passion for this style came from the fact that I travel a lot around the world (I work as a flight attendant also RS), have practiced dance for ten years and quite enjoy the body shapes, besides liking to draw since childhood. My favorite pinup artists are: Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, but I also like all of the pin-up artists of that era.”


Daniela runs a photography studio in São Paulo with a main focus on pin-up. Her website features a stunning portfolio of fashion, black & whites, nude and other styles, so be sure to check out her work.

On the web

Instagram: @petruccidani
Facebook fan page: Pin ups, by Daniela Petrucci
Facebook: Daniela Petrucci
Contact email:

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