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Home Artists Two Original Olivia De Berardinis Paintings For Sale Via Bitcoin


Two original pieces of artwork by the legendary pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis have appeared for sale on, a Bitcoin luxury item marketplace. If you’re not familiar with, in addition to art, they also sell a number of other luxury items, including real estate, cars, yachts, airplanes, movie props, furniture and jewelry.

The Two of Olivia’s Pieces Up for Sale Are:

Heatwave – 32.086 BTC

Burning Bush – 26.738 BTC

Both pieces have appeared in issues of Playboy and are also in her book “Malibu Cheesecake.”

Bitcoin & Collectable Art – The Perfect Match

There has been a lot of buzz in the past few years about Bitcoin. More and more, I have been noticing businesses, artists and freelancers accepting Bitcoin as payment for their work. The outrageous valuation swings of the currency has had quite the appeal for investors, traders and people who got in to the currency early in the game.

I suspect that there are a lot of these investors who are also art collectors, so Bitcoin and fine art seem to be made for each other. It is a perfect affluent, collectors target market and as more artists become acquainted with the digital currency, a lot of new and profitable income opportunities could become available. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Some other Bitcoin related marketplaces that sell art are:

Are you an artist or collector who has been using Bitcoin? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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